April Focus: Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl's best friend! And what a friend they are...spectacular, stunning, and so personal in the choice of cut, color, and setting.

Diamonds are a crystal formed when carbon deposits in the earth are subjected to high heat and pressure. The color of each diamond depends on trace elements caught during the formation. So, a blue diamond has boron in it and yellow has nitrogen. Yellow and brown are the most common colors while red and blue diamonds are the rarest.

It may take years for form diamonds, due to weather or pressure conditions. And, it's hard to determine the age of diamonds. Natural diamonds are between 1-3.5 billion years. Scientists have developed ways to form synthetic diamonds, carbon formed into lab diamonds by way of controlled high pressure and temperature. These lab diamonds have the exact same properties as natural diamonds and have the same certifications.

April's birthstone is the diamond. The word derives from the Greek "adamas" which means unbreakable. A diamond is the hardest natural element in the world. But that doesn't mean you should take a hammer to it. It is also very brittle, so a hammer would shatter the gem into dust.

In years' past, diamonds were thought to have healing properties for the brain and thought to provide clarity and energy boosting. Diamonds have a way of filling in all the negative spaces inside of us as the stone attracts purity, harmony, and love. This provides a feeling of positivity and protection. 

At Eden, we create the jewelry of your choice. We can personalize the stone, the setting, and the cut. We can help you choose your specific diamond to your personality and signature. A diamond is forever, so it's important to select something that you want to wear everyday and works within your life.

Sunil here to talk about the diamond: