In the tradition of true artists, Sunil Idnani, the designer of Eden Jewelers, uses traditional tools of pen and paper to sketch out his designs. Sunil was gifted with a beautiful Star of Bethlehem by Mike Kucek and his team at CAI as a gesture of appreciation for the work done by Eden Jewelers. He fell in love with its form.

He immediately started to sketch an image of the star, with details created to look like celestial rays similar to that of the sun. Multiple CAD designs and many molds later, Sunil was finally happy with his piece. It was called a masterpiece and Eden Jewelers is now recognized as the home of the “Caribbean Sun”.

The setting is made of solid 14 karat Italian gold, the rays complemented with full cut, brilliant, sparkling diamonds. The center stone is a magnificent teal diamond mimicking the magical blue waters of the Caribbean. The Caribbean Sun’s uniqueness...a piece like no other, has won Sunil and Eden Jewelers many feathers in their cap.

That said, customers who bought the Sun soon wanted larger sizes, then earrings to match in studs and dangles, then the bangle and the ring. The Sun collection came to life.

The necklace now has three sizes, the original for everyday wear, the mid-size  for casual elegance, and the large piece for dramatic impact.

While many found the center blue stone striking, some wanted their birth stones set as the center stones of their Sun, making the piece completely customized. Customers chose stones like the brown diamond, rare pink and yellow diamonds, a classic white diamond, and even gemstones such as the emerald, rubies, or sapphires.

The Caribbean Sun is a symbol of their own energy with their own gemstone of choice. Completely customize your Caribbean Sun, available in three shades of 14 karat yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold with the center stone of your choice.

Take home a piece of the island and the Sun!