With Steve and Jane Brizendine

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“Caribbean suns!” - Julie Nicole

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“Eden Jewelers — highly recommend!”

Every trip to St. Thomas my family and I stop at Eden Jewelers. Sunil and Kanchan never disappoint in helping to select the perfect piece of jewelry. Their hospitality, dedication to their customers, and overall genuine kindness sets them apart. Additionally, their quality pieces of jewelry and competitive pricing make them a “must do” when in STT.

- Carly K on Tripadvisor

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"Never felt so happy to spend on ME!"

I've never felt so good about spending my money! Kanchan and team are absolutely amazing and will work with you and all the reservations you may have. I thought I would buy maybe one thing, but walked out with 3 gorgeous items. I even went back to their table at the resort the next day because I still needed to buy a gift, and bought another piece! I know this is not the last time we will meet--either on a return trip or if I contact her with any jewelry purchase requests via FedEx 😁.

- Lupita on Tripadvisor

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With Paul and Julie Zielinski and Keith and Maggie Hume

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"Shopping with Friends."

It was a pleasure to shop with our friends at Eden again. Kanchan and Sunil are our “go to” jewelers. A stop at Eden is always on our list when we visit St. Thomas. Sunil and Kanchan have customer service down to an art. More importantly they make their customers feel like old friends. There is no one we would trust more when making a jewelry purchase.

- Karen A on Tripadvisor 

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"St Thomas favorite!"

What a wonderful experience! The hospitality the owner Kanchan gave us made us feel like life long friends! We stopped by three times during our 10 day stay to say hello and visit. Their jewelry is beautiful, their Eden bracelets are very unique and their desire to please the customers is exceptional.
We will be back to visit whenever we are in St Thomas.

- Cheryl S on Tripadvisor

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It was my birthday and I was shopping for jewelry with my girlfriends. I was immediately drawn to this shop because of the gorgeous hoop earrings they had on display. The owner and her associate were AMAZING. So kind and genuine and honest. We had the best shopping experience. They went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined to give us a great value for what we paid and just an overall superb customer service. I honestly cannot wait to come back to shop here. Amazing prices and top notch service, seriously unbeatable.

- Emilia W on Tripadvisor

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"Best Shopping Experience!"

When you go to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, you need to stop at Eden Jewelers. Customer service and satisfaction is a priority. Kanchan and her staff will make sure you are taken care of not only while in the store but while on the island. They will not only help you find the perfect pieces of jewelry but will give recommendations on where to eat! And you will definitely be hungry after seeing all the beautiful pieces of jewelry: earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, ringsb, diamonds, pearls, rubies along with other fashion items. Eden's also designs their own pieces which is only sold there, the (gold) sunburst is a must see! I love the pieces I bought and appreciate the cleaning of the pieces I was wearing. The care they took of my personal pieces truly meant the world to me and I can not thank them enough.

- Kuki16 on Tripadvisor

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“Eden Jewelers all day!! Love our friends in St Thomas!!”

- Michele Monaco on Facebook