About Us

SunilThe story about Eden is no different than the story about Sunil and Kanchan.


2008-when the Great Recession hit, Sunil a fourth generation jeweler, a GIA certified gemologist  gave up every single security to venture out on his own. Married to Sunil, Kanchan followed suit .


Leaving well paid jobs and security was in no way easy but the determination to succeed was too strong to be not worked on, the belief that they would be an enterprise different from the rest made them take the plunge.

However day one made their hopes sink to the ground as the cash till brought the only sale for the day at 35 dollars...their first buyer-a teacher saw their despondent faces and tried to reassure them saying that they had the ability and to plod on.  


Eden St Thomas


The very next day, the same teacher brought in a group of twenty different teachers who were down for a convention staying at the then Marriott Frenchman’s reef..and it started ..Baby steps with grit determination were taken and in five years we became the only mom and pop store to have trip advisor ratings with stellar reviews and a great repeat clientele following .

In 2015, EDEN decided to open a sister store that would give back to the community .the store is called EDEN LIVING which carried a bunch of lifestyle with fair market trade products.
Just when EDEN and EDEN Living began to revel in being recognized as the most unique store with custom designs , the island of Saint Thomas was hit with two Category 5 Hurricanes in the span of two weeks in 2017. With the stores destroyed and the island without power for over a 100 days , A plan B had to take place with imminent urgency. Sunil didn’t hesitate for a second and went back to where his first job had taken him-the GOLD RUSH TOWN-SKAGWAY, ALASKA.


Skagway provided a second home for EDEN Jewelers while Saint Thomas built itself with all resilience possible. The peace offered in Skagway helped heal the chaos caused by the hurricanes.
Skagway welcomed SUNIL , his team and  his famed designs of the Caribbean sun collection and the Adam and Eve collection won him new recognition in Alaska and the Caribbean. 
Team Eden


EDEN now runs in both places -Alaska and St. Thomas .


SUNIL and KANCHAN are accessible through email, at their stores or phones or their newly developed site . Accessible for all of your  jewelry needs , custom work , u.s.service centers and life time warranties . Come create memories and masterpieces with us . For our existing customers thank you for helping us build EDEN these past 12 years .We look forward to your continued patronage .