November Focus: Topaz

The birthstone of November is Topaz. It is colorless when pure, but impurities can tint this gem to take on any color of the rainbow. Historically, topaz is known for its orange, yellow, and red hues. Imperial topaz, a vibrant orange with pink undertones, is the most valuable color. In the past century, blue has become one of the most widespread colors of topaz jewelry. Some topaz stones can have different intensities of color when viewed at different angles.



Brazil is the largest producer of topaz gemstones, although it can be found in many countries around the world including India, Germany, and Russia. In the United States, it is found in California and Utah. This gemstone’s name is derived from topazios, the ancient Greek name for St John’s island in the red sea. Some believe the name to be related to a Sanskrit word meaning fire, due to its typical orange colors. 



Topaz is durable and hard, and can be found in huge, flawless crystals. These can be cut into giant gemstones weighing thousands of carats.  Topaz has been cut into some of the world’s largest gemstone pieces. The El Dorado Topaz is the world’s largest faceted gemstone, weighing 31000 carats or 13.67 pounds. When it was found in Brazil in 1984, the pre-cut topaz weighed over 80 pounds.


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It is believed that the november birthstone will bring prosperity, good fortune, and wealth to those who wear it, as well as inspire creative energies and concentration. Historically, topaz was also believed to protect travelers from danger and homesickness on their journeys. 

Pink Topaz


Use warm and soapy water to clean your topaz jewelry. Topaz is sensitive to extreme changes in temperature and will start to lose its color, so never use a steamer or ultrasonic cleaner to clean it.