September Focus: Sapphire

Although blue sapphires are known throughout the world and for many centuries, there are many color variations of sapphires.

colored sapphires

September is the month of the Sapphire, which is Greek (sappheiros) for blue stone. Sapphires are a variety of corundum and is the third hardest mineral after diamonds and moissanite (a form of lab diamonds). This means that sapphires can be used in some industrial applications.

Sapphires can be found in many parts of the world, in all different shades (except for red, those are rubies). Today’s sapphires mainly come from South African and Southern Asian countries. Associated with royalty, one of the most famous sapphires is Princess Diana’s 18-carat engagement ring, now worn by Princess Kate (given to her by Prince William).

Sapphires are the stone of wisdom and joy through longevity. It sparkles with wealth and wonder and is connected to divinity and being the pathway to a safe future. In healing, Sapphires are thought to ease pain and stress as it has a calming energy and may help those who suffer from insomnia. Keep one nearby for truth and clarity, as well as protection from negativity. For emotions, the joy in sapphires can help with lightening the mood and releasing the negative vibes.

Wear this stone for guidance and protection. For other color sapphires, the pink ones stimulate emotions and bring wisdom to love. Yellow sapphires are thought to bring power and prosperity. Green sapphires help with inner wisdom, love, and compassion. Purple sapphires are connected to the spirit and clears out negativity. White sapphires lead to clarity and purpose.

To clean your sapphire, although it is very hard, it is still a precious gemstone. Run cool, clear water over it first. You can use a soft bristle brush as well. Charge the stone by smudging it with sage or set it overnight by a clear quartz stone.