Spring 2023 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2023 is blowing thru quick quick and this year’s jewelry trends shift towards the large and stunning that suits the personality. Invest in yourself this year! With the pandemic, getting stuck at home, jewelry tended towards the small and quiet. And after, it was fun, fun, fun as everyone’s mood shifted towards outside the home.

chandelier earrings

Choose the single large earrings that suit your face and personality! Hoops can frame your face brilliantly! Or chandelier style to set off your hairstyle and outfit. The boho influence is still going strong and jewelry can fit the bill or even carry off this trend.

Colored gemstones are showing up this spring. Swap out your white diamonds for blue ones, or your plain colored stones for bright bold emeralds or rubies. The deeper, the brighter, the better. One good piece can set up your look.


Last but not least, bold chain is making it’s way thru the population. Choose a punk styled LARGE link and mix it up for the latest trend. If you feel the one large link isn’t your look, try multiple chains in different styles to mix and match. It will have a similar effect. Use different lengths to show off your various necklaces.

bold chain links

The main trend this spring is the big and bold so whatever you’re selecting, making it as big as your personality. It’s ok to let it shine thru with what you’re wearing. It’s fashion and style and meaning all in one.